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Catchy Games Presents: “Digs” – A Unique Roguelike Tower Defense Game

Fact Sheet

Game Name: Digs

Developer: Catchy Games LTD

Release Date: 20 June 2023

Price: $15

ESRB: Everyone

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“Digs” is a unique roguelike tower defense game where players can improve their defenses with cards that they create to form their own paths.

Protect your gold against various enemies by exploring different mines created from scratch each time. Complete the level and earn new towers, skills, and cards with your loot. 

Prologue version of the game is downloadable on Steam. Full game will be released in June 2023.

Warf wants only more diamonds, but he must avoid the Digs who trouble him every time he enters the mine. Luckily, all the Digs next to him are enchanted, so he is safe until the gold is reset. When the gold is reset, he must escape the mine. Help Warf as his diamond hunger leads him into all kinds of mines. Build the best defense without waking up the Digs and make them regret waking up when they finally do.

Be prepared to face different Digs in each episode. Their various features may become your nightmare. You’ll need to consider every tactic against 20+ Digs.

If only you could outrun the Digs. You might encounter their older siblings. Be ready for 10+ bosses that will challenge all your plans. 

It’s up to you to reverse Warf’s fate with over 20 towers and tower upgrades that will be the key to your tactics, each with unique functions.

Take action with your standard defense and power up with additional tower upgrades.

Dozens of tactical possibilities with dynamic path generation
New challenges with 20+ enemy types
Variety with 20+ levels and special mechanics
Powerful synergies and combos with 20+ towers
A stylized world and characters in the world of the Digs
High replayability thanks to procedurally created chapters

Catchy Games is an eight-member game studio that was established in 2019. Our team consists of experienced professionals in the gaming industry. Over the years, we have developed various successful mobile games. With Digs, our first premium PC game, we aim to deliver a unique and entertaining experience to players. Our vision is to create enjoyable game brands/franchises that resonate with players across different platforms.


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